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Van Gogh Glass Mosaic Tile

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Van Gogh Glass is clear glue chip glass that is painted on the back with metallic automotive type pigment. This brings out the fern-like pattern of the glue chip glass and creates an unusual, striking effect. The metallic paint on the back is covered with black paint, so the glass is completely opaque, and has a mirror-like depth. The glass is completely smooth on the front. Van Gogh Glass is not traditional stained glass, and it can really add a unique look to your mosaic art project. There are so many color combinations it is easy to come up with a unique, and special look.

No special treatment is needed to apply Van Gogh Glass. Use it just like any other stained glass tile. Since it is opaque, the color of the surface that is to be covered doesn't matter, and any adhesive suitable for glass is fine (we like Weldbond). The glass is hand painted in the United States. There can be some color variation between sheets. We match sheets for large orders as closely as possible, but it is a good idea to order enough for your project to make sure that the glass comes from the same batch. There are 38 Van Gogh colors, 14 solid colors and 24 that combine either two or three of the solid colors. This is beautiful, handcrafted glass, perfect for your next mosaic project!


Van Gogh Blue
Van Gogh Black Sparkle
Van Gogh Blue 

Blue Bluegreen
Van Gogh Blue Champagne
Blue Champagne
Van Gogh Blue Copper
Blue Copper
Van Gogh Blue Purple
Blue Purple
Van Gogh Blue Red
Blue Red
Van Gogh Blue Violet
Blue Violet
Van Gogh Bluegreen
Van Gogh Bluegreen Champagne
Bluegreen Champagne
Van Gogh Bluegreen Red
Bluegreen Red
Van Gogh Bronze
Van Gogh Bronze Blue
Bronze Blue
Van Gogh Champagne
Van Gogh Champagne Silver
Champagne Silver
Van Gogh Copper
Van Gogh Copper Gold
Copper Gold
Van Gogh Copper Gold Silver
Copper Gold Silver
Van Gogh Emerald
Van Gogh Gold
Van Gogh Green
Van Gogh Silver
Van Gogh Green Bronze
Green Bronze
Van Gogh Green Copper
Green Copper
Van Gogh Green Copper Gold
Green Copper Gold
Van Gogh Purple
Van Gogh Purple Bluegreen
Purple Bluegreen
Van Gogh Purple Red
Purple Red
Van Gogh Purple Violet
Purple Violet
Van Gogh Red
Van Gogh Red Champagne
Red Champagne
Van Gogh Red Copper
Red Copper
Van Gogh Spring Green
Spring Green
Van Gogh Violet Red
Violet Red
Van Gogh Violet
Van Gogh Violet Bluegreen
Violet Bluegreen
Van Gogh Violet Copper
Violet Copper
Van Gogh Violet Bluegreen Copper
Violet Bluegreen Copper